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6/10/2016 by Eliza G. from New Haven, CT

I found Ricardo Andre on LivingSocial and was blown away by his reviews here, so I decided to try it out. These positive reviews are 100% deserved.

Ricardo is a true professional, as other reviewers have stated. He has constructed a business model that is relaxed, personal, and customer service oriented. He clearly takes great pride in his work, and he is truly invested in maintaining an excellent business that serves his clients well.

He is also just an incredible photographer. I don’t think the images on Yelp fully do his work justice; you should absolutely check out his portfolios on his website. He is a lot of fun to work with and his assistants are fabulous. He will absolutely make you feel like you belong in front of a camera. Our fashion sense was a little different (he doesn’t like the look of white pearls, for example, but I knew I wanted to wear them), but as long as you know what you want he will give you advice about what he feels will look best and then you should make your own decisions about what will make you feel best.

After I did my shoot, I had some concerns about the makeup. The makeup artist was not his usual artist, although I did find her work to be truly impressive! I just felt that I looked a lot more done-up than I wanted to be in the photos, and that I didn’t look like myself. When I reached out to him with my concerns, Ricardo was incredibly timely and responsive, and assured me that he and his editing team would work with me to achieve the desired results. I have seen a couple of the photos, and they are gorgeous, but I will also update this review when I’ve had the chance to go through the online image library and pick out some prints.

In short, this dude is a great example of how to run your business with integrity, passion, and quality. I absolutely recommend Ricardo Andre studios and I can’t wait to come up with a reason to go back.

5/31/2o16 by Doreen H. from Brooklyn, NY

I had a wonderful time shooting with Ricardo. He has the ability to make sure you feel like the only person in the room, engaging and full of positive energy. It was a great decision to do the shoot with him and I will do it again.

His cousin (forgot her name) and make-up artist Kevin Nivek are amazing :), I had a look totally unexpected and absolutely loved. They were the best and Ricardo’s turnaround time for getting the pictures to me, surpassed my expectations.

Wishing them continued success in their creative endeavors!!!

5/25/2016 by Elana H. from New York, NY

I am so happy I did a boudoir shoot and chose to do it with Ricardo and his team. I did it as a surprise gift for my fiancé on our wedding day (have yet to give it to him…4 days!) but I know he is going to love it!

Ricardo himself is awesome. He makes you feel completely comfortable and is very professional but in a fun way. So is his staff. I loved Luna! I felt like I had new best friends by the time the shoot was over. You can tell that he truly cares about his work and so does his team. The pictures are awesome and perhaps in a few years I will do it again! The makeup artist Nivek did a wonderful job (although I wish he showed up on time) and the makeup was perfect for the photos.

You should plan to spend A LOT of time there. This isn’t some studio that rushes you in and rushes you out. They are dedicated to you while you are there and aren’t concerned with it taking longer than expected. And we had FUN! I was there for so long because Ricardo wanted to make sure he took all the right and different shots that by the end I was exhausted….so he drove me home and wouldn’t let me take the subway.

My one recommendation is to be in constant communication with Ricardo about timing needs etc. We kinda missed the date I had given him that I requested the book for but instead of acting like it wasn’t a big deal, he worked ALL night (I got emails from him at 3AM) to make sure the book was done. When I told him that morning there was something I wanted to change, he had it changed and still ended up getting it to me on time.

I highly recommend Ricardo and his crew. I also highly recommend that you do boudoir photos, with him. Look nowhere else, he is your man.

4/20/16 by Donna G. from Brooklyn, NY

My experience with Ricardo has been exceptional.
As a wedding present for my fiancé, I impulsively bought this package for a boudoir shoot. I was so nervous and second guessed my decision until Ricardo opened the door. Ricardo was so reassuring and easy going. My stiffness started to melt away. Ricardo was so patient with me and continued shooting until he got the best pictures in the ever. I was impressed by Ricardo’s vision and ability to loosen me up. I recommend Ricardo to anyone. It was an experience everyone should have. I have found a whole new sexiness that I didn’t know existed within me.

2/27/16 by Kiya R. from Laurel, MD

Whether you are shy or an all out sex kitten, this is the place for you if you want to feel stunning, sexy, and confident! I was initially drawn to Ricardo based on all of the reviews. After having my own shoot and seeing the final product – shots and book, I understand why Ricardo and his team have such high ratings across the board.
From the time I made initial contact (via email) all the way until I was presented with the look book, I experienced the utmost professionalism, comfort, and FUN!
My one piece of advise for anyone contemplating a session… if you decide to do it… go all the way forward… know how powerful you are in owning your sexuality… let the beauty of your sexuality shine!
Ricardo will take that beauty to the next level and then some, hands down!!

– Kiya R.

12/28/2015 by Yasmine F. from Bronx, NY

Let me start off by saying there really aren’t enough positive things I can say about my boudoir shoot with Ricardo Andre!

I am a new mom so I purchased a living social deal for a boudoir shoot to rekindle the romance between my husband and I, post baby. And while I had lost most of the baby weight, I am plus sized so as the date of the shoot approached I found myself becoming nervous about how I would look on camera. I had absolutely nothing to worry about – from the moment I entered the studio Ricardo and Kevin (check him out on Facebook at Kevin Nivek Kiadii LR), the make up artist, worked endlessly to make me feel comfortable and look my best.

I gave Kevin and Ricardo complete creative freedom while on the shoot and I am so happy I did – they both encouraged looks that I would have never thought would look so good. Kevin and I chatted and drank wine while he worked on my make up and hair but there was no mirror in the room so I didn’t see the look till he was finished. When he showed me I was completely blown away – I still looked like myself but all of a sudden it was the model version! My make up has never been so beautiful- including on my wedding day. And Ricardo took the base look and only improved upon it .

I had brought a bunch of clothes with me but in my sleep-deprived new-mommy fog, I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to wear. Ricardo put outfits together for me, pulling both from my clothes as well as from accessories and staples he had on hand. Ironically the most racy outfit he picked out had me initially convinced I was going to look like a fat two-dollar hooker, but I had seen glimpses of how good I looked in some of the earlier outfits on his camera so I decided to trust him. So glad I did – the photo came out amazing! Not only did I look beautiful (and not fat), but the outfit only looked sultry (and not slutty) as I had feared and the photo was truly one of the best photos of the shoot!

I ended up happily agreeing to get a book done of the photos – my husband saw a few of the sample photos Ricardo sent me by text and I can happily say the “spice” is back into our marriage. But I know I will continue to work with both Ricardo and Kevin for special occasions in my family’s life. Ricardo took a few off-the-cuff shots of my 4-month-old daughter and husband before they left the studio after dropping me off at the shoot and the photos were so good that now my husband and I can’t wait to do a family shoot (and I know I want to work with both Ricardo and Kevin for my husbands 40th birthday in a few years). But for now, if you are a woman looking for a photographer and makeup artist who will work endlessly to make you look a feel your best no matter your age, race, shape or size, look no further and run to Ricardo’s studio!

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