Thank You For Your Support

vgiucrz_ykgxuzzsmsnwxzocnkrtukopoxbftxd60nkggdnynecicsullzs4pjtsvtugzmvm36vz57isuvdjm8All of us at Ricardo Andre Studios wanted to thank those of you who came out and supported our Haiti Project. We also wanted to extend an invitation to our next mixer event in February (date/location to be announced). We hope to see many new faces as well as the same faces from our first mixer.

At our upcoming mixer event, we will be accepting donations in the form of art supplies, musical instruments, books, or language learning tools. What you choose to donate will go towards our recreational facility we are building in Haiti.

We will also be accepting a helping hand, so if you or a friend is interested in volunteering to help with the Haiti Project it will be greatly appreciated. We have positions for volunteers in various creative and administration fields such as art, music, language teachers, and project managers. Please lend a hand whether it be through donating your time or donating supplies – anything will help the world grow closer together!

If you have any questions regarding the Haiti Project, volunteering, donations, or if you want to let us know that you’ll be at the next mixer just comment below.

Thank you!



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