Thank You Moms for Your Sacrifices

A Mother’s Sacrifice for Her Children

haiti-mother-child-640x505There are few bonds in life stronger than a mother’s love for her children. She is willing to do anything to keep them safe and cared for, even if that means making the enormous sacrifice of not being with them.

This Mother’s Day I’m reflecting on my childhood growing up in Haiti, where I saw women sacrifice in this way every day, including my family. Mothers leave their homes and their families in search of a better life in the U.S., hoping to eventually bring their children to live with them once they are more established.

One of the highlights of my most recent trip back home to Haiti was capturing the love of mothers and children on film. We traveled home to help families rebuild after the devastation that another mother, Mother Nature, inflicted on our island home. The reward was seeing the joy, love, and togetherness that I remember so well.


Focus on The Kids’ Future


Making the decision to live away from her children, even for a short time, is an incredibly difficult choice for any mom. She must remember every day that the time she sacrifices will pay off in a better future and more opportunities for her kids.  My mother made this sacrifice and now my siblings and I are living happy and successful lives that would not have been possible back home in Haiti. Today, I honor her for that gift.

Our mothers have sacrificed for us in ways we can’t even imagine. Whether it’s working several jobs, sleeping just a few hours a night, or nursing us back to health when we’re sick, she is always willing to give of herself for our benefit.


Thank You Mom, Today and Everyday


The “official” Mother’s Day holiday is a great reminder to celebrate the woman who gave us life, but really every day is mother’s day. A great way to say thank you to her is to book a photo shoot with your mom. Relax and have fun together, smile and embrace one another, meanwhile I will capture your special bond with my camera. It can even become an annual tradition to make the milestones in your lives.

Thank you mom, for your sacrifices, for my life, and for your constant love. For once I’m not the photographer in this shot from your recent birthday, but I am honored to be the son sitting next to you.

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