One Woman’s Story of Embracing Adversity and Finding Boudoir

Life Is for Living…Today!

dorine-998-edit-640x373We’ve heard all the excuses in the book to put off scheduling a boudoir photo shoot. I’ll do it when I lose 10 pounds. I’ll do it after I get over my break up.

This story is inspired by our cherished client Doreen. She learned the hard way that life is a gift, and there’s no time like the present to celebrate our strength and beauty.

Overcoming Adversity, Again and Again

Some of the words that come to mind when laying eyes on Doreen are elegant, poised, and confident. These words pale in comparison to those that define her character: strong, determined, and fearless.

Doreen is a young 50 years old, toned and full of vigor. You would never know by her immaculate appearance and dignified gate that she has undergone four life-saving surgeries.


Her medical journey began in 2001 when she underwent spinal surgery to avoid becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Nine years later she had a double mastectomy, followed by a hysterectomy. Just two years ago she had another spinal surgery to remove more disks. Any single one of these experiences could have broken a person, but she persevered and rose to each of these challenges.

Redefining Female Strength

Doreen’s experience brings to life that female strength is not limited to physiology and muscle mass. Distinguishing the strong from the weak cannot be defined by the miles she runs or the pounds she can lift. Doreen’s story shows that strength is a confluence of endurance, the power of community, and the resilience of hope. Her beauty is reflected not only by her body and flowing brown locks, but also in her scars and her personal victories.


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Still Think You’re Not “Perfect” Enough Yet?

We were honored when Doreen chose Ricardo Andre Studios to celebrate her beauty and strength. She is refreshingly honest in revealing her diagnoses and subsequent health crises. Her immense gratitude for every person who offered their help, or a supportive word, was an inspiration to us all. She carries her arduous journey of body, mind and spirit like armor, but was open and vulnerable to expressing herself through the lens of the camera.

dorine-1066-edit-640x427Capture Your Beauty, Inside and Out

Feeling beautiful and sexy has more to do with your attitude than your appearance. Those last 10 pounds or that surgical scar should be celebrated, not hidden, as a part of your life’s journey. You call the shots during your photo session. Your look for makeup and hair, your outfits, and your poses are all what YOU want to highlight about your beauty. We will help guide you to bring out the best you can be, but hey, we both know she’s already in there just waiting to come out!

Contact Ricardo Andre Studios today to book your boudoir shoot AND receive free photo shoot tips!

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