NYC Makeover Experience: Dandey F.

As a part of a new weekly series we are doing on boosting self-confidence and self-image through photography, this week we are featuring: @dandeyx3.  Hear what Dandey has to say about her makeover experience at Ricardo Andre Studios:



“I have always been insecure about my skin, height, hair, basically everything. Took years and a good friend to help me feel better about myself. Throughout those years I gain more and more confidence to the point where I could look in the mirror on my “worst” days and feel good about myself. As I fell in love with fashion I started dressing up extra clean on my birthday and take pictures would make me feel on top of the world. I would love to enter the world of modeling so it could be a more than once a year feeling that everyone can see. I shot with you because my best friend (another reason for more of my built up confidence) introduced me to something different and helped me get the chance to be in front of the camera. Being there made me feel excited and cracked my shell even more. Never have I been more confident and hope I can continue.”

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