A Military Wife’s Boudoir Photo Gift


Support Your Troops!

You are proud to be with a man who bravely serves his country. He’s many things to many people, but to you, he’s your hero. What could make him happier than receiving a special email from you filled with sexy, professional boudoir photos? He’ll also have the forever-gift of a portrait book waiting for him at home when he returns.

Few things are more difficult than saying goodbye to the man you love even for a little while. You’re proud of his bravery, but you miss his touch, and you want him to have a piece of home to remember.

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Create Your Man’s Boudoir Dream

Ricardo Andre Studios has had the honor of shooting multiple military wives to help them create a care package filled with love for their soldier abroad. Your dream boudoir shoot can be whatever you want it to be – sexy lingerie, your see-through nightie, or his favorite team jersey. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, and that you show your man that you love and miss him.


Mariella & Tomas’ Story

Mariella was engaged to Tomas and they were planning a June wedding. It wasn’t easy making plans with her in New York and him on a tour of duty in the Middle East, but they were making progress. Mariella was excited about every last detail but wanted input from Tomas. Unfortunately, he was out of communication for weeks at a time and the distance felt enormous. When she did hear from him she could sense that he was having trouble sleeping as he counted down the days until he could finally make her his bride. She wanted to make his final weeks abroad special and decided to create a boudoir fantasy shoot for him as a wedding gift.

Mariella came to Ricardo Andre Studios a little nervous and not sure what to expect. She had talked with Ricardo about photo shoot ideas and knew what kind of makeup and hair she wanted. But she felt a little shy about posing on camera.


“Once I entered the studio and met Ricardo and his staff, I knew I’d found the right photographer for me! Everything went so smoothly. I sipped a glass of champagne, feeling like a princess as his professional staff created the hair and makeup that made me look my best, and then we got to work.”

Shortly after the shoot Mariella sent Tomas a few teaser photos and he went wild! It got him through the last month before he could return home and say “I DO” to the love of his life! When Mariella gave Tomas the full photo book on their wedding day he cried, and kissed her more passionately than he ever had on thIS first day of the rest of their lives.

Contact Ricardo Andre Studios today to book your shoot AND receive free photo shoot tips!

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