How To Pose Like A Pro

When you’re on your way to your first photo shoot you may feel a bit nervous, or unsure, of what to do once you step in front of the camera. Don’t worry it happens, and one of the most important things you should keep in mind is that kindness is key! You should always remember that everyone at the shoot has a job to do and it isn’t easy. Keeping that in mind, you should also know how to pose for the camera in ways that help you appear slimmer, and sexier.

Here are ten ways to help you look and feel like a model. You can use these tips for professional photo shoots or for snapping pictures to post on Instagram!

1.Bounce Your Shoulders

Shoulders play an important role in modeling, they can create the look of strength and add real perception to your picture. Most of the time photographers will ask their models to lift one shoulder higher or lower, than the other. This can be done, by slightly bending one of your legs at the knee. Utilizing this technique will really boost the power of your photos.

2. Look Or Not To Look

There will be times when you’re asked to look at the camera, however, it is more common that you’ll be asked to look away from the camera. So, what do you do when you’re asked to look away? Where do you look? You should always look in the direction of where your nose is pointing – unless instructed otherwise. By doing this, you will increase the awareness of the intended focal point of the portrait – your eyes.


3. What About My Hands

Knowing where to place your hands when posing can be difficult. However, if you keep this set of tips in mind you will be just fine. You should always avoid making a fist. Making a fist in a picture isn’t welcoming or attractive, there for don’t do it, unless of course you’re instructed to do so. Next, you should try to avoid showing the backs of your hands. Often the backs of your hand will look bigger in a photo. ¬†Wherever¬†you put your hands make sure they are resting. A resting hand has a more attractive look as opposed to a forced one. Lastly, when it comes to posing your hands make sure you spread your fingers slightly apart from one another. Spreading your fingers will help define your hands and give you a sexier look.


4. The Arm Pose

Posing your arms can be a little tricky, but after this, it should be simple. Your arms should be posed differently from each other. So if one arm is doing one thing the other should be doing something completely different. Also to add depth to the picture, keep in mind that you want to position your arms in a way that show their length. One last vital element you should know when it comes to posing your arms is that you should always keep them at a slight distance from the body. This is a good trick for instantly making yourself appear slimmer.

14701151_233755487027563_7856706871967612928_n5. What To Do With Your Feet

If you’re going to be showing off your heels in your upcoming photo shoot; It’s for the best you know what to do with your feet. When standing completely still your feet can look heavy and too grounded. You can change this by either jumping, dancing, or walking back and forth on the set. Most importantly, avoid having your feet being the closest body part to the camera, that will just cause your feet to look huge!

6. How To Pose My Legs

Your weight should be shifted to whichever leg is furthest from the camera. After shifting your weight to your back leg you can freely use your other leg to pose in sexy, provocative, and appealing ways. You can cross your legs at the calf or bend slightly at the knee and more.

7. Use Your Dress

If you’re wearing a dress, use it! Twirling in a big flowing dress will cause the bottom of the dress to lift up, adding fluidity to your picture. Techniques like this really add a dramatic effect and are extremely, playful and welcoming.

8. Bunny Look

If you look at photos of other models you may notice that their mouths are always open. Having your mouth open allows you to show off your jawline and elongates the face. In effect, your face will appear slimmer and more beautiful. On the other hand, having a closed mouth makes the face appear more rounded and wider. Keep this technique in mind when you’re off to a photo shoot!


9. Waist

Leaning your hips to one side is a technique used to help you look slimmer. Although popping your hip is not something everyone can do, it is something you should learn. Leaning your hips to one side will immediately give you a more toned and slimmer look and if you rest your hands the right way on your waist you can create a more dramatic effect that will do wonders for your curves!

10. Facial Expressions

Our last technique on the list is facial expressions. Facial expressions are extremely important during photo shoots. Like posing the rest of your body we can tell if a pose is forced or more calm, relaxed, and natural. A great tip used by most models and actors/actresses is imagination. There is no need to force a smile or a look of contemplation instead, you can imagine it. If you can think of a time that made you happy your face will naturally show that. If you can think of a time that made you upset than your face will naturally show that as well. The trick is to truly feel the emotion you want to show.


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