Ricardo Andre is a seasoned photographer with over 15 years of experience in the space. Shooting with Essence Magazine to Victoria Secret Models and The New York Giants, Ricardo decided to start his own firm seven years ago, with the sole focus of making every woman and man feel like a model. Through his vision, Ricardo aims to shake up the industry and change the standard of what beauty actually is.

Andre is inspired by mentor and good friend Antonio Gabriel, Bruce Weber, and Steven Miesell.  These photographers raise the bar and push the envelope.  Their work is creative and edgy.  When viewing their work, it is akin to witnessing the creation of art itself.  Andre’s initial love was painting jazz, but respects all art forms and the artist who brings forth their creations.  As Ricardo Andre continues to hone his craft and raise the bar in the field of fashion photography, he is poised to be a trendsetter and one of the best in this great city of New York.

Ricardo Andre was born an artist. Growing up, he explored all mediums of art from oil on canvas to soft stone and metal and then one day he picked up a camera and the love affair began. Ricardo always has his camera to hand, he documents and processes all his experiences. This is evident in the diversity of his range; from shooting the orphanages in Haiti to boudoir or engagement shoots in his studio, it is the artist behind the camera that really makes the difference.

Ricardo is based in New York but will travel the world for his shoots from weddings in Jamaica to family reunions in Ireland. A father himself, Ricardo is a natural at shooting children, either in his studio or catching that candid shot at a wedding. His wedding portfolio is not only impressive but Ricardo’s professional nature and ability to morph into the wedding party is a talent. His wedding shots also manage to capture all those sweet moments between loved ones on the big day that are so memorable but often get lost in the excitement of the day.

Ricardo’s second love is fitness. This shines through in his work on the human body. His boudoir photography captures the female form in a way only someone with knowledge and passion of anatomy could possess. His clients have delighted in reviewing the finished product; “I was impressed by Ricardo’s vision and ability to loosen me up. I recommend Ricardo to anyone. It was an experience everyone should have. I have found a whole new sexiness that I didn’t know existed within me”.
“He and his team exceeded my expectations for the shoot and left my now fiancé and I in tears. I cannot recommend Ricardo enough. 5 stars!”

In the arena of photographers there are many to choose from, Ricardo really does appreciate all his clients for their ability to understand what differentiates him from the rest. His drive is to make sure they walk away knowing they made the right choice.

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