Celebrating Family and My Haitian Community

Joseph with his daughter and Alan Cave
Robinson Joseph with his daughter and Alan Cave

My true joy in life is rooted in family and community. Last weekend I was privileged to experience this joy when I photographed the First Communion of a childhood friend’s daughter. The celebration of her rite of passage was made even more special because it united some of today’s most prominent Haitian entertainers with the New York Haitian community.

My childhood friend, the renowned promotor Robinson Joseph now known as RobBoogie Showizz Joseph, expressed his love for his daughter and his roots by wowing the guests with the musical artistry of Haitian superstars Alan Cave and DJ Stakz.

Alan Cave
Alan Cave

Haitian Music Superstars

Alan Cave is a singer, songwriter and musician, and widely known as the King of Haitian pop music. Born to Haitian parents who were writers and art lovers, it’s no surprise that Alan became the romantic and soulful singer he is today. I recommend you check him out here https://www.facebook.com/alancavefanpage/

DJ Stakz began his life in Brooklyn as Lovenz Gedin, but as the son of a Haitian DJ and musician his calling was almost a given. Today DJ Stakz is a renowned DJ, producer, radio personality and entertainer. His work has reached people all over the world and across many musical genres, but he always stays true to his roots. Check him out at his website here http://www.djstakz.com/

My Passion and My Joy

Joseph and DJ Stakz
Robinson Joseph and DJ Stakz

I love my job because I get to be a witness to some of the happiest moments of people’s lives, but this event felt special. I could do the work I love, celebrate my dear friend and his family, and contribute to the community that is my home.

Too often today people are tearing each other down, so it’s a gift to see the spirit of unity and love in action. Together we can all be successful, happy, and fulfilled. I encourage you to support these artists by listening to their music and attending their events. We are all brothers and sisters.

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